My Experience getting Eyelash Extensions


Having short, straight, typical Asian lashes that pointed directly downwards, I spent the majority of my mornings trying to get my lashes to curl all the while trying not to disturb the eyeliner that was underneath it. I tried countless tactics—from an expensive eyelash curler to eyelash primers to even curling my lashes after I had applied mascara (risking pulling out my lashes). Trying to curl my lashes took up most, if not, all the time I dedicated to makeup, and I was getting extremely annoyed at how difficult it was to get my lashes to look the way I wanted.

So I gave up. If my real lashes weren't going to look good with several coats of mascara on and the work of four different eyelash curlers, then I might as well not deal with them at all. I looked up some places in San Francisco to get eyelash extensions and I decided on this place. Shulan was super skilled and professional in the process of gluing tiny lashes onto each one of my individual lashes, and I was amazed by the outcome. She made sure that each individual lash was a different length, making the look more natural—mimicking real lashes rather than the obvious look of fake eyelashes. The extensions made my eyes pop instantly and allowed me to even give up eyeliner and mascara all together in the morning. Having not to deal with any eye makeup in morning cut my morning routine down dramatically.


Doesn't it look like I have eyeliner on in these photos?

How long do they last? It really depends on how well you take care of them. First of all, it's super important not to use an oil-based remover when cleaning off your eye makeup. After speaking to a few makeup artists at Sephora, I was recommended to use micellar waters, which are completely oil free. Be sure to comb out your lashes after exposing them to water with a clean spoolie, and try best not to rub your eyes. By following this and not using eye makeup on a daily basis, I was able to keep the majority of the lash extensions for about two and a half months. 

Overall I was super impressed with getting these extensions and it has saved me so much time and effort in the morning. It has also saved me a lot of money on eyeliner since I have decided not to use it anymore on a daily basis.