3 MAC lipsticks worn 3 different ways

3 MAC shades worn 3 different ways

I picked up three lipsticks at MAC over the weekend. There was a deal where they threw in a third lipstick after you bought two other lip products. Being a lip product junkie, this was a godsend for me. I ended up getting three gorgeous lip shades for around $33, which is crazy considering I usually pay around $20 for a single lip product at Sephora. In this post, I'll show you three different ways I wear these three different shades.

3 MAC shades worn 3 different ways

From left to right: Chili, Mangrove, Lustering.


Lipstick 1: Chili - Blurred Effect

Chili is a classic brick red with warm undertones. This shade really reminds of me of the Jeanne Damas look, with really full red lips and little to no makeup on the rest of the face. So I looked up how she does her makeup, and found this video where she reveals how she applies her lipstick.

3 MAC Lipsticks worn 3 different ways

The trick is to apply lipstick to your fingertips (I use my ring finger since it is the most gentle), and then use your fingers to dab the lipstick onto your lips. I realized that this gives the color a very smooth finish, almost like the lipstick is melted onto your lips. It might get a little bit messy around the edges of your lips—in which case, Jeanne recommends a q-tip soaked in makeup remover to clean out the excess lipstick on the edges.

3 MAC shades worn 3 different ways

Lipstick 2: Mangrove - Lip Gradient

Mangrove is super vibrant, bright coral red. This was available as a free third item from MAC. It can seem a little intimidating to wear because it's so pigmented and bright. So instead of wearing it entirely on my lips, I decided to go with a lip gradient, which creates a more youthful, less intimidating look.

3 MAC shades worn 3 different ways
3 MAC shades worn 3 different ways
Step 2: Use a q-tip (or if you're out and about, use your pinky finger) to blend out the harsh edges to the outer corners or your lips
Step 1: Apply the color only on the insides of your lips. Try to put more color towards the center and less as you make your way to the edges
3 MAC shades worn 3 different ways
Step 3: Press your lips together to blend the color and viola, you're done!

I've started using this methods on a lot of lipsticks in my collection and I found it to be a very effective way to make darker, more intimadating colors work for everyday settings.

Lipstick 3: Lustering - Concealer + Lipstick

Lustering is a shimmery barbie pink with cool undertones. To cool down the color even more for a super "icy" look, I first applied lip balm and concealer to my lips. It's important to apply the lip balm before the concealer since the concealer can dry out your lips and settle into the lines of your lips. Above that, I applied this color, which has a nice, creamy, shiny finish. I find this perfect for a "no makeup makeup" look, leaving your friends wondering if you actually put on makeup or not (which is always a compliment).