Making 232-Square-Feet Work

Making 232-Square-Feet Work

-GASP- Can't believe it's finally time to move out of my 232-Square-Foot studio. Considering I have so many different hobbies, clothes, and just random things, it was hard to contain all of them inside such a small space. Here are some tips of how I made a small space work for me on a budget. (Photos by Ana Kamin for my Apartment Therapy Article and Jeffery Wang)


1. Black & White for large items, Brighter colors for small items


Too much color may overwhelm the small space and make your room look cluttered. If you're not willing to let go of color, adding them via wall decor or tiny accents are more tasteful.

Duvet Cover, Hanging Light: Ikea


2. Get Cheap decor Via Daiso

232 Square Feet Studio

It's amazing how much wonderful decor you can get from Daiso. And the best thing is, most items in the store are sold for $1.50. I got these wall shelves and wall grid both from Daiso to display photos and souvenirs I've collected in Europe.

Wooden wall stands: Daiso; Fake plant: Daiso; Colored Pencils: Muji; Globe: World Market; Flower Decor: Flea market in Amsterdam


3. Add plants to liven up a cramped bathroom

232 sq ft studio
232 sq ft studio

To brighten up a small, dark bathroom with no windows, try adding some greenery around the sink area. Don't be afraid to add art inside your bathroom either—if the rest of your place has it, your bathroom deserves it too.

Baskets: Ikea, Soap holder: World Market, San Francisco print: Amazon


4. Opt for non-bulky, chopstick-leg furniture

232 sq ft

In a small studio, it's crucial to find furniture that fit along the small dimensions of the walls and doesn't clutter the space. Avoid big, bulky furniture that have big legs and instead go for furniture with thinner legs. This will help loosen up the studio and give the illusion that the room is more spacious than it actually is. 

Mercury Row loveseat: Wayfair, Table: Ikea, Eames DSW look-alike chairs: eBay


A few more tips to making the most out of your space on a budget:

Download art online and print them at Target/CVS. One of my favorite online resources is Typographic Posters.

Use souvenirs/what you already own as decor, rather than going out to purchase new pieces. Chances are, the items you already own reflects what you're passionate about. Surrounding yourself with story-invoking pieces that you connect with will make your home feel like it's yours.

Use stools as side tables or beside tables

Take advantage of the beautiful pieces and low prices of Ikea, Daiso, Target, World Market, and Nordstrom Rack.