4 Ways to Wear the Everlane Shirt Dress (Style Collab)

4 Ways to Wear the Everlane Shirt Dress

4 ways to wear 

the everlane 

shirt dress

Style collab with Yuka Ohishi


One of the reasons why I love working at Pinterest is that I am surrounded by so many badass women who are passionate about their hobbies outside of work. Yuka is one of them, and creates beautiful videos on her YouTube channel in both English and Japanese. You can also check out her amazing sense of style on her blog and Instagram. Since we both love to create style content, we decided to get together to do a collaboration for Yuka's channel and for this blog. We designed the collaboration around this dress:

The Linen Shirt Dress 
in Medium Indigo
$78 USD

The challenge? Take this simple, somewhat boring-looking dress and each create a dressy and casual outfit out of it.

The result:

The Everlane Shirt Dress 4 Ways

The Sunday brunch

Way 1: dress it up
Styled by Yuka

To elevate the simplicity of the denim shirt, Yuka paired it with a gingham midi skirt and tied the look together with a western belt. To balance out the feminine skirt with a bit of edge, she added a pair of leather boots from Marc Fisher.

Shirt Dress (acting just as the shirt here): Everlane | Skirt: Stylekeepers| Belt: Zara| Boots: Marc Fisher

1 Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways

The lazy Saturday

Way 2: dress it down
Styled by Cindy

To give my outfit a nautical and preppy vibe, I layered a striped shirt and white wide-leg jeans underneath the shirt dress. The majority of white in this outfit also helps to bring out the vibrance of the indigo in the shirt dress. 

Shirt Dress: Everlane | T-shirt: Uniqlo | Jeans: Cheap Monday| Loafers: Modcloth


Now... onto some nautical-style shots we took at this "top secret" location.

The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways
JPEG image-8D12E0D7FBEB-1.jpeg
The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways
The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways

When asked to describe our different styles, we agreed that it was important to the both of us to have balance in our outfits—whether it's from mixing feminine and masculine pieces together, or from mixing tight and loose tops and bottoms. Not only does this apply to clothing alone, but to makeup as well. If you're going to be wearing a super colorful outfit, you might want to consider keeping your makeup on the neutral side—and vice versa.


The outfit I put together was quite casual and leaned more towards the tomboy side. To bring some feminine energy into it, I put on a classic red lipstick (M·A·C Viva Glam I). I find that the red lipstick really helps the whites and blues in this outfit pop, and adds a Parisian-girl vibe when paired with the navy stripes.

The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways
The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways

I know I tend to wear red lipstick an awful lot, but the truth is: I do it simply because it helps me look awake. Because my skin can look washed-out sometimes, I tend to look rather tired when I'm not wearing any color on my lips. I find that the pop of red (or any color, really) on my lips helps give some warm undertones to my face and makes me look energized—even if I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before.

The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways

To bring balance to her outfit, Yuka countered the feminine midi skirt with some black boots from Marc Fisher. I personally love the midi skirt + ankle boot combo and have seen it all over outfits at fashion weeks across the globe. This can be a bit tricky to pull off for petite girls, but my advice would be to keep a good distance from the bottom of the skirt to the top of the boots so your legs don't get lost. I also did something similar in a previous post, where I paired some simple black sock boots with a not-so-simple midi dress.

The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways

Hamptons, anyone?


Are we still in San Francisco?

Actually yes, we are. I'm just never telling you where we shot these.


The Everlane Shirt Dress - 4 ways

The 10Am Meeting


Way 3: dress it down
Styled by Yuka

To style this dress for a casual work setting, Yuka wore it as a light "trench coat" above a black and white shirt + trousers. Then, to balance the simplicity of the outfit, she chose a pair of leopard heels to tie everything together and to bring in a pop of color.

Shirt Dress: Everlane | T-shirt: Uniqlo | Pants: Stella McCartney | Heels: SLY (Japanese brand)

4 ways to wear the everlane shirt dress.jpeg

The 5PM happy hour

Way 4: dress it up
Styled by Cindy

To give this shirt a more feminine silhouette, I added a skinny belt to cinch the waistline and give the blue dress an unexpected pop of color. I layered a black mesh blouse underneath to add an interesting texture to the outfit, and to elevate the somewhat-casual feel that denim tends to give off.

Shirt Dress: Everlane | Mesh blouse (underneath): Styleaddict | Belt: Modcloth| Heels: Sigerson Morrison

4 Ways to Wear the Everlane Shirt Dress
JPEG image-6CA4A4A10D04-2.jpeg

I had a blast doing this style collab with Yuka! It's so fun to discover different people's styles and look into their thought process of constructing an outfit. I'm really hoping that the two of us can collaborate again in the future, and show you more of these collab posts!

If you want to follow Yuka:

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Also, kudos to me for creating 2 posts in 2 days. I'm going to pass out now, good night.

♥ Cindy