May Music Faves


After tackling gigs and chasing deadlines at work in March and April, May has finally calmed down and I was able to do a bit of traveling. Because there was lot of waiting around in airports and downtime on airplanes, I took the time to do some music discovery and fell deeper in love with some artists that I had only scraped the surface of in the past. This playlist also reflects two amazing shows that I went to this month: Cyrille Aimee at SFJAZZ and Itzhak Perlman with the San Francisco Symphony.

May Favorites Playlist


If I could somehow "marry" a voice, I would marry Jordan Rakei's voice. Ugh.




How Deep is your love

PJ Morton

A cover of a classic Bee Gees tune, this song has some really soulful vocal harmonies that kept me humming along and caused me to make the stank face at my desk whenever I gave it a listen (sorry, co-workers).

Add the bassline

Jordan Rakei

No, this is not a playlist for only Jordan Rakei songs… I’ve just been loving him so much this past month. I especially love these set of lyrics in this song:

Sweet sounds of July
Sweeter than a blackberry pie
Sweeter than the breeze of the night
The gat plays, hit the rewind
Oh here’s the Rhodes
Minor 9 insatiable
Sharp 11 losing control
Now here’s the vocal

And then he interrupts with some yummy vocal harmonies after that…

This man is such a genius ♥



A more cheerful tune amidst the moody Jordan Rakei songs. The vocal harmonies in this one are also super yummy (hence, the title).


Jordan Rakei

Okay, last Jordan Rakei song for this playlist, I promise! This is just an acoustic version of the first song on this playlist. I absolutely love the strings mixed with the acoustic guitar (especially with the sound of fingers on the strings). The addition of background vocals also adds a fullness without overcomplicating the song.


I'm so satisfied with this month's set of songs. I feel like I binge-listened to every single one of them on repeat. They're also full of emotion and have great lyrics. Give this playlist a listen, and I hope you can enjoy these songs as much as I did :)

♥ Cindy